Private Locators

A private locator is generally contacted to locate utilities buried on private property and not owned by the utility company. An example would be underground lines that are in a 40-foot distance of the right of way where the utility company is responsible for.  The utility company itself doesn’t mark beyond their right of way so a private locator can be contacted to mark this area. Please contact these companies directly for pricing information.

Calyx Engineers

POC: Ryan Lyttle (Manager) [email protected] (704) 566-4321
Brian Smith (South Carolina Supervisior) [email protected] (704) 566-4322
Service Area: entire state

Lowcountry Locating

POC: Matthew West  [email protected] (843)-810-6979
Service Area: Greater Charleston Area (willing to travel for additional fee)

Master Utility Locating

POC: Darren Bennett [email protected] (864) 706-3057
Service Area: Spartanburg Area (willing to travel for additional fee)

Penhall Technologies

Private Utility Locating// GPR Concrete Scanning
POC: Brad Goforth [email protected] (727)-417-3268
Service Area: entire state

Reed Tech

POC: Jeff Garnto [email protected] (803) 750-9971
Service Area: entire state

Utility Specialists, Inc. 

POC: Mike Taylor [email protected] (864-907-7329)
Service Area: Entire state *Commercial use only*

Vaughn & Melton Consulting Engineers

POC: Randy Stepp [email protected] Business Line (843)-974-5650
Service Area: entire state

West Locating Services, LLC

POC: Tim McNally [email protected] (843) 747-5101
Service Area: Charleston region/statewide