SC811 is South Carolina’s first stop for underground facility damage prevention.

Becoming a member with SC811 is the first step in creating a safe working environment for those involved with digging/excavating anywhere in South Carolina.

SC811 provides the communication between the member utility companies and anyone with intent to excavate using voice or web. The service is free to the excavator giving incentive to notify SC811 of their digging intent.  Once information is taken and mapped using the SC811 call center application a locate request notification is sent out to the affected SC811 members. Upon receiving the notification request the members with assets in the area will send personnel to locate and mark their underground facilities in the area of the excavation site.

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SC811 is here to assist its members in providing “maximum protection for their buried facilities along with a safe working environment for excavators and the public”.

SC811 is a not for profit corporation owned by its membership and governed by a Board of Directors. It was formed by its member companies in response to the passage of “The South Carolina Underground Utility Damage Prevention Act” in 1978 #58-35-10. SC811 now operators under The Facility Underground Damage Prevention Act which became effective June 7, 2012.

SC811 provides a communication service, which enables anyone planning to excavate anywhere in South Carolina to provide notice to its members of that intent. SC811 provides toll free telephone number 811 or (888) 721-7877 for the excavator to call. As each call is received, it is entered into the SC811 computer system and the “locate request notice” containing the location of the excavation and other information are automatically dispatched to each affected member. Upon receipt of a “locate request notice” the affected members dispatch their personnel or contract locator to mark their underground facilities in the area of excavation. There is no charge to the caller for this service.

SC811 is a very crucial part of our members’ damage prevention and safety programs. SC811 offers a damage prevention training program, contact us at (803) 939-1117 dial 1 to sign up for a class. All conversations are recorded and maintained by SC811. This information is available to SC811 members upon written request for 3 years.