SC811 is South Carolina’s first stop for underground facility damage prevention.

Becoming a member with SC811 is the first step in creating a safe working environment for those involved with digging/excavating anywhere in South Carolina.

SC811 provides communication between the member utility companies and anyone with intent to excavate using voice or the web. The service is free to the excavator giving the incentive to notify SC811 of their digging intent.  Once information is taken and mapped using the SC811 call center application a locate request notification is sent out to the affected SC811 members. Upon receiving the notification request the members with assets in the area will send personnel to locate and mark their underground facilities in the area of the excavation site.

Membership Types


Fee: $250 for Non-Members, Free for Members Annually

An M-User is a type of membership that is used as a tool. This is offered to companies that are planning out projects. This is typically used by engineering companies that do not need to submit locate notice but need to know what utility companies may be affected by upcoming excavation in the area. This tool is used for project planning purposes only.

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Benefits For M-Users

  • Has access to the Exactix system
  • Can submit Design notices and secondary actions on those notices

Facility Operator

Fee:  Contact Membership for additional information

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Contract Locator

Fee:  $1,200 Annually

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Private Locator

Fee:$250 Annually

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Benefits For Private Locators

  • Your company will be listed on our website and included in the information provided to any excavator that needs a private locator
  • Direct access to your website by anyone who clicks on your hover link


Fee:$250 Annually

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Benefits For Vendors

  • Your company will be listed on our website with a hover link that goes directly to your website.


If you have any questions about SC811 membership, would like to become a member, or need please contact

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