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South Carolina law requires you to notify SC811 of your planned excavation and have utility lines marked. By doing this, you prevent damages that could result in fines, utility service interruption, and injury-or even death.

The life of a locate request begins working days after the request and processing extends 15 working days until expiration.

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Digging in the Tolerance Zone

After utility lines have been marked, it’s important to operate with caution when digging in the Tolerance Zone. The Tolerance Zone is 24 inches on either side of the utility mark, plus 1/2 the diameter of the facility. Always hand dig to expose facilities in the Tolerance Zone.

Mechanized equipment is prohibited within the Tolerance Zone until the excavator has visually identified the precise location of the facility or has visually confirmed that no facility is present up to the depth of excavation.

The excavator is also responsible to ensure reasonable precautions are taken to avoid any substantial weakening of the facility’s structural or lateral support. An excavator must also employ measures to safeguard against the penetration or destruction of the facilities and their protective coatings.

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