Change to Update Notices

Effective March 1, 2017 

Update notices should be requested when the excavation work will continue past the 15 day ticket life. The current Update process asks the Excavator to update the notice on the 12th working day. If this process is followed the life of the update notice is maximized and no days are wasted. The Normal Notice on the chart below displays the life of a notice. The 3 full working days (in yellow) is the wait time. The life of the notice or coverage is (in green). The Update 12th Day shows the expiration of the previous notice dropping off just in time for coverage of the update notice to start (in blue).

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If an update is performed prematurely, you are not getting the full coverage of your notice. As you can see in the image above, whether updating 10th or 7th working day, you are cutting into time you already had on the original notice and therefore not extending the notice for the full coverage. If you update your notice on the 10th working day, you can see that the notice coverage is shortened by 2 working days (in red). If you update your notice on the 7th working day, you can see that the notice coverage is shortened by 6 working days (in red).

The revised Update process will automatically adjust the work date to maximize the life of the notice.

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As seen in the chart above. It does not matter when you update the notice, the system will push the time out to the Work Date for continual coverage. Therefore you are getting the full life of the notice without having wasted days. It is considered best practice to update the notice on the Update date and all efforts should be made to do so. However, a notice can be updated early under circumstances such as being on a vacation or other reasons that will keep you from updating the notice on the 12th working day.

It is important to know the difference between an Update and a Remark. Beginning on the date provided in the excavator’s notice to the notification center, the excavator shall preserve the staking, marking, or other designation until no longer required. When the marks are no longer visible, but the work continues in the vicinity of the facility, the excavator must request a re-mark from the notification center to ensure the protection of the facility.

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