A 3 full business day notice must be given prior to digging for a normal notice locates (excluding subaqueous work).

If a normal notice locate request is called in anytime on a Monday, the life of the locate request doesn’t begin until Tuesday at 12:00 am. The locators have three full working days to respond. The locate is due by 11:59pm on Thursday night. This means the excavator can begin working on Friday morning, provided that all locates have been completed and there are no visible signs on an unmarked facility.

Locate Notice Quick Tips

The following information is required on all locate notices:

  1. The name, address, and telephone number of the person providing the notice and if different, the contact information and name of the excavator completing the proposed excavation or demolition
  2. Who is the work being done for
  3. The start date of the proposed excavation or demolition
  4. The anticipated duration of the proposed excavation or demolition
  5. The type of proposed excavation or demolition
  6. The location of the proposed excavation or demolition (including county, town, nearest intersection or cross street, and directions to the site)
  7. Whether or not explosives are to be used in the proposed excavation or demolition

Unmarked Lines?

A “No Show” locate notice is issued to inform Member Operator(s) when the underground lines have not been located and the Work Date & Time on the locate notice has expired. Member Operator(s) have 3 hours from the time the “No Show” locate notice has been sent to respond.

Excavator Role Options in Exactix


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