Property owners may contact a private locator to locate utilities buried on private property and not otherwise marked by the utility company.

Utility companies generally do not mark underground utilities located outside of the utility company’s right of way. Thus, a property owner may contact a private locator to locate and mark underground utilities in these otherwise unmarked areas.

The following is a list of some private locator companies in South Carolina. This list is provided solely to assist property owners in contacting private locators.

By using this site, property owners recognize that SC811 does not endorse and is not responsible or liable for any products, goods, or services provided by the private locators listed below.

Please contact these companies directly for pricing information.

Atlas Surveying, Inc

Utility Locate & Land Surveying Services
POC: William Walker
Phone: 843.573.7831
Service Area: Greenville, Spartanburg, Charleston, and Savannah/Hilton Head Region

Blood Hound

Utility Locating, Ground Penetrating Radar, Concrete Scanning, Vacuum Excavation, Leak Detection, and Sewer Camera Inspection
POC: Edward Walcher
Phone: (864) 266-6622
Service Area: Entire state *Commercial use only*

Calyx Engineers

POC: Ryan Lyttle (Manager) 
Phone: (704) 566-4321
POC: Brian Smith (South Carolina Supervisor) 
Phone: (704) 566-4322
Service Area: entire state

Carolina Locates

Private Locates for Residential/Commercial
POC: Daniel Wilson 
Phone: (843) 263-5114
Service Area: Beaufort, SC and surrounding areas

First Call Locating.Inc

Private locating for water,sewer, gas, propane, storm, electric, and line fault detection.
POC: Russ LeGault 
Phone: (980) 269-4146
Service Area: Rock Hill & Fort Mill. Willing to travel for an additional fee.

Grassy Creek Group

Private Locator, Hydro-Excavation
POC: Will Richter 
Phone: 1-877-4-GRASSY
Service Area: Greenville & Entire State

Lowcountry Locating

POC: Matthew West  
Phone: (843)-810-6979
Service Area: Greater Charleston Area (willing to travel for additional fee)

Master Utility Locating

POC: Darren Bennett 
Phone: (864) 706-3057
Service Area: Spartanburg Area (willing to travel for additional fee)

McKim & Creed

POC: Jeremy Willoughby
Phone: (770) 962-4125
Service Area: Private underground utility locates, EM & GPR, investigation, underground tank surveys, vacuum excavation, SUE

Misu Underground

POC: Darlene Wells 
Phone: (803) 747-4574
Service Area: Covering the Low country and will travel for a small fee.

Penhall Technologies

Private Utility Locating, GPR Concrete Scanning
POC: Garrett Griffith 
Phone: (803) 223-7445
Service Area: entire state

Projects R&F USA, INC

POC: Edilberto Rojas 
Phone: (864) 635-2460
Service: Greenville

Reed Tech

Private Utility Locating, GPR, Electromagnetic Profiling
POC: Duke Brantley 
Phone: (803) 750-9971
Service Area: entire state

Vaughn & Melton Consulting Engineers

POC: Joe Montgomery 
Phone: (803)-532-7179
Service Area: entire state

West Locating Services, LLC

POC: Tim McNally 
Phone: (843) 747-5101
Service Area: Charleston region/statewide