SC811 Portal


The portal is the one stop shop for all aspects of your locate notice. You can enter a notice, check positive response, view reports and close your notice.

Enter the Portal

Level 2

The portal is much more time efficient than calling 811 to enter a locate; The average time it takes a Customer Service Representative to process a notice is 7 minutes in addition to possible hold time. When using the portal, it takes about a minute and a half to enter all of the information onto the ticket. A Customer Service Representative maps and reviews the notice and the user is issued a notice number. Notices are processed the same day if submitted before 5:30pm on normal business days. Users can also check positive response and close their notices.
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Level 3

Once you are familiar with the Portal Level 2, upgrading to Level 3 is a smooth transition, but requires additional training. In Level 3, users are required to map out their locate notices. The greatest benefit of Level 3 is that a notice number is generated immediately when the notice is submitted. Level 3 notices are not processed by a CSR, but Level 3 users are screened regularly to ensure notices are submitted correctly. Sign up here to upgrade to the Portal Level 3.

Enter a Locate

Remote Application

The Remote Application is for excavators/companies who need to process multiple types of locate notices (except for Emergency notices). This application is currently under review due to changes in policy and procedure changes. This application will be available via the SC811 Web portal on a requested advanced level in the near future. You can request Normal locate notice and Update notices via the SC811 web portal. See Level 2 to get started.

There are several steps in order to become a Remote user. Email [email protected] or call 1-800-290-2783 option 5 for further assistance.

Links for Existing Remote Users

GeoCall Log:
Remote Manual:
Notice Types Remote Users can process:
Help Desk: 1-800-290-2783 Option 5 Mon-Fri 7:30am-5:30pm
Email: [email protected]


Positive Response

Checking positive response in the portal (or in the app) is easy and efficient. Instead of having to wait on hold to check positive response, you can log into the portal and easily check the status of your locate. You can respond to your locate notice just as easily.

Positive Response

My Notices / My Company’s Notices (NEW)

The portal contains two new ways to filter through your notices and your company’s notices. The first function allows you to find/view notices that you have entered. This provides you with a great way to filter out your notices from all of your companies notices. The second function allows you to find/view all of the notices that your company has processed. You may still search for your notices by entering the exact 10 digit notice number. Click here for more information about these filters.

My Notices / My Company’s Notices

Reports – NEW (Member Report)

Within the portal, users can view how their company is responding in positive response, including their percentage of on time responses, late responses and no responses. This can be viewed on any date range specified. Click here to set up your reports. Additional reports soon to follow.

Member Reports

Reports – NEW (Excavator Report)

These reports show excavators an overall view of their positive response participation and allows them to easily navigate through the life stages of a notice. This report includes notices that are awaiting responses from members, notices that need to be checked for positive response by the excavator, and active notices that are waiting to be closed. Please click here to see how these reports function.

Excavator Reports

Linking Accounts

Another benefit of the portal is linking accounts within a company. Once accounts are linked, one person can submit a locate, another person and check positive response and another person can close out the notice. There is no need to share accounts and passwords.