April 1st marks the beginning of National Safe Digging Month. South Carolina 811 is encouraging others to “dig safely” across the State. Below you will find ways in which we are celebrating and promoting 811 during the month.

SC811 is providing stakeholders a full suite of tools to use in spreading the word about safe digging throughout April!

National Safe Digging Month Billboard

Safety Summit/Simulated Underground Emergency

Safety Summits are here and ready to keep South Carolina Safe Digging Stakeholders at the forefront of Damage Prevention. Thanks to the support of our SC2 Partners, Safety Summit/Simulated Underground Emergency (S.U.E.) trainings are provided FREE!

From the Lowcountry to the Upstate, summits are being held at different locations to provide education on a variety of topics, including Underground Facility Damage Prevention Act, Pipeline Safety, the SC811 Portal and more!

Training Class Dates & Locations
1st Quarter 2020 Event – March 20 @ The South Carolina Fire Academy, Columbia SC
(March 20th SUE event is cancelled due to COVID-19)
2nd Quarter 2020 – June 3 @ Horry Electric 2775 Cultra Rd, Conway
(June 3rd SUE event is pending due to COVID-19)
3rd Quarter 2020 – TBD
4th Quarter 2020 – TBD

Safe Digging Month Planned Activities

During the month of April, we like to educate about the importance of safe digging.

Our efforts to prevent utility and infrastructure damage are part of our ultimate priority: The safety and well-being of our members, stakeholders, staff, and citizens. Due to the increasing risk surrounding the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) we have had to cancel April’s live events.*

Safe Digging Month from our Members

Are you doing anything to celebrate Safe Digging Month? If so, please send pictures and information to marketing@sc811.com and we will feature you on our social media pages.

Week of April 1st

April 1 – Launch of Public Awareness Booking Tool to book online training and education & Release of the SC811 Quarterly Newsletter

April 3 – “Every Bunny Knows” always call before you dig Facebook Banner

Week of April 6th

April 6 – Social Media post “Outdoor Home – Social Distancing Projects”

April 7 – Social Media post “Chalk Painting – Social Distancing Projects”

April 8 – Social Media post “Using the 110 Code – Extraordinary Circumstances”

April 9 – Charleston Riverdogs Opener *

April 10 – Received Governor McMaster’s Proclamation about April being 2020 NSDM for the State of SC

Week of April 13th

April 13 – Columbia Fireflies Opener *

April 14 – Launch of updated Facebook Banner / Riverdogs Baseball Post

April 15 – Social Media post “Global Safety Excavation Conference learning courses”

April 16 – Social Media post “Mark your calendars! Locator Appreciation week is coming!”

April 17 – Social Media post “Utility Locators perform a vital role in ensuring public safety”

Week of April 20th

April 20 –Launch of updated Facebook Banner (Earth Day) – Social Media post “It’s the first day of Locator Safety and Appreciation Week (LSAW)”

April 21 – Social Media post “Locator Safety means public safety!”

April 22 – Social Media post “Locator Hazard: Weather!”

April 23 – Social Media post “Locator Hazard: Distracted driving!”

April 24 – Social Media post “Locator Safety Hazard: Confined spaces!”

April 25 – Social Media post “Locator Safety Hazard: Punctures and foot trauma!” -Forest Acres Festival & Lexington Kids Day *

April 26 – Social Media post “Today marks the last official day of Locator Safety & Appreciation week.” – Striped Bass Festival *

Week of April 27th

April 27 – Launch of updated Facebook Banner (Spring)

April 28 – Social Media post “Are you ready to dig into your DIY project?”

April 29 – Social Media post “April is Dig Safe Month”

April 30 – Social Media post “Thank you for safe digging!”