April 1st marks the beginning of National Safe Digging Month. South Carolina 811 is encouraging others to “dig safely” across the State. Below you will find ways in which we are celebrating and promoting 811 during the month.

SC811 is providing stakeholders a full suite of tools to use in spreading the word about safe digging throughout April!

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Safe Digging Month from our Members

Are you doing anything to celebrate Safe Digging Month? If so, please send pictures and information to marketing@sc811.com and we will feature you on our social media pages.

Does it matter if I’m a professional excavator or a homeowner doing the work?

Our efforts to prevent utility and infrastructure damage are part of our ultimate priority.

Safe Digging Month Media

During the month of April, we like to educate about the importance of safe digging.

Week of April 1st

April 1 – Release of the SC811 Quarterly Newsletter – Spring 2022 Edition highlighting National Safe Digging Month

April 1 – Social Media Post – National Safe Digging Month kick off

Week of April 3rd

April 4 – Social Media Post – NSDM first full week kick off

April 5 – Social Media Post – Nascar event

April 6 – Social Media Post – Staking University Locator Training Class

April 7 – Social Media Post – Nascar event

April 8 – Social Media Post – Nascar event main day event

Week of April 10th

April 11 – Social Media Post – It’s Not That Deep

April 12 – Social Media Post – Can I get 811 Marketing Materials for My Event or Class?

April 13 – Social Media Post – Think Before You Get in the Cab

April 14 – Social Media Post – Don’t Ruin a Beautiful Day

April 15 – Social Media Post – Prevent Utility Service Disruptions in Your Neighborhood

Week of April 17th

April 18 – Social Media post – Thank a Locator Day

April 19 – Social Media post – Don’t Risk It

April 20 – Social Media post – What Are You Doing for NSDM?

April 21 – Social Media post – Putting Your Green Thumb to the Test

April 22 – Social Media post – Earth Day

Week of April 24th

April 25 – Social Media Post – I Dig Here All the Time

April 26 – Social Media post – Digging into Home Improvement

April 27 – Social Media post – Cost of Underground Infrastructure Damages

April 28 – Social Media post – Thank You Sponsors!

April 29 – Social Media post – Arbor Day