SC811 Excavate & Elevate: Unearthing Wisdom with Webinars is live and recorded webinar training. This allows for students to participate in live webinars or view recorded webinars at their convenience.

Webinars are geared toward a variety of topics. We will cover items relating to The Underground Facility Damage Act, Safety, Exactix, SC811 Education, and more!

Each video course was a live webinar recorded and hosted by SC811 Staff. If you want to sign up for the most current webinar, log into Coursettra, choose ‘Browse’, and ‘Quick’. Be sure to click ‘View’ on the webinar that has “Live” in the title.

To watch a past webinar, follow the same steps and select the webinar with the label “Recorded” in its title. You can also return to this page for the list of recordings.

Recorded Webinars

Fiber Build Training Recorded Webinar – Part 1

May 4, 2023

This webinar is the first in the series about Fiber Work for excavators. This webinar outlines the benefits of entering locate notices associated with Fiber Work using Exactix online. The webinar discussed topics such as Exactix Excavator Ticket Management, Excavator Report Card, Fiber Compliance views, and more.

Locator and Member Operator Fiber Webinar – Part 2

May 10, 2023

This webinar is the second in the series about Fiber Work for excavators. This webinar is focused on assisting Locators and Member Operators with managing the volume of Fiber Work tickets. This webinar outlines best practices for locators, primary and secondary notice types, Positive Response codes, and more!