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Due to the transition from Geocall to Exactix, the December and Year End numbers are not currently accurate. We will remove this comment once all reports are up to date.

Each month SC811 compares the total number of locate request notices taken and the number of transmissions that each member receives. These totals are compared monthly and by previous years.

The ACD report is the monthly report of all calls that come into the call center. This report gives average talk time, average speed, and other call percentages.

ACD Report

This report represents SC811’s monthly call stats from 2018 to the present.

Monthly Notice Count

The graph represents the notice count by month.

Notice Counts in Cities

This report represents percent change of notice volumes year over year in cities/municipalities

Notice Totals by County

The image represents the number of notices by county.

Total Damages per Work Type

Member Damage Data

Ticket Volume Comparison 2019 – 2020

Under Construction

Member Reported Damages

If a damage occurs, it is most likely discovered by the facility operator via outages or service degradation. The success of damage prevention depends heavily on members providing their damage data to SC811. This map shows the number of member provided damages divided by total notices per county.

Excavator Closed Notices

As part of South Carolina state law the last step of positive response requires the excavator to close out their notice. This map calculates the percentage of notices closed out by excavators by county.

Excavator Reported Damages

South Carolina state law requires all damages to be reported to SC811 and the Facility Operator, if known. This map displays the number of damages reported compared to the total number of notices called in by county. In many counties, the member reported damages is so low, they cannot even be quantified in hundredths of a percent.

Notice Growth

Though the statewide total notices increased by ~12% over 2015 some counties experienced greater increases while others even suffered drastic decreases. Check out the growth percentages on this map.

State Response Progression

This report breaks down Member Performance for on-time, late, and never responded. This includes all members and reflects a state average.