Please contact Help Desk Support: 1-800-290-2783, option 1 to ensure your company is compliant with the 2012 SC Underground Facility Damage Prevention Act.

Positive Response

In accordance with the 2012 South Carolina Underground Utility Damage Prevention Act, all member utilities are required to notify South Carolina 811 that the member utility has marked the approximate location of its underground facilities.  Effective June 7, 2015 – all members will be mandated to respond to the 360 Positive Response System.

Sign up or sign into the Positive Response system

What is 360 Positive Response?

The 5 parts to complete the 360 Positive Response

  1. A locate notice has been entered into the system
  2. Member facility owner/locator provides a response into the system
  3. Excavator checks the Positive Response System
  4. Excavation work starts and is completed
  5. Excavator closes the Notice when job has been completed.

Safe Digging Flowchart

Positive Response Codes

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