Member Service Area Updater

(MSAU) – Member Service Area Updater is a FREE internet based tool used for member utilities to maintain and edit their service area by seeing it over the SC811 map. This tool makes it possible to have a quick and effective change to a service area boundary.  This is especially useful for companies without a GIS or digital Map based process of their assets.

A first time “log in” set up request is all it takes.  An authorized user(s) of the member company will be given a username and password that is associated with dispatch code(s) of the member company.  This allows access to the corresponding boundary layer of the member code(s) which can then be edited by adding or deleting area using the simple tools provided.  Once submitted to the SC811 GIS/mapping dept changes will go into effect after the weekly service updates are complete.  This is not access to real time data but a replica in order to communicate changes needed to the SC811 GIS/mapping dept.

If you would like to take advantage of the MSAU application please contact Matthew Upchurch (803) 451-7710 or [email protected]


MSAU Overview