SC811 Staff Directory

The SC811 team is your resource for damage prevention of underground infrastructure. We’re dedicated to the education, success, and safety of our stakeholders and the public.

Executive Director

Misty Wise

Executive Director

Teela Mikalauski

Director of Operational Excellence

Administrative Operations

Daphney Sheppard

Executive Administrator/Board Liaison

Adam Johnson

Stakeholder Relations Specialist

Abby Morales

Accounting Manager

Deborah L. Murphy

Accounting Clerk

Innovation & Technology Team

Rita Garrett

IT Support Specialist

Matthew Upchurch

GIS Application Developer

Jason Nelson

System Administrator

Katy Baker

Technical Program Manager

Shaquita Epps

Solution Integrity Lead

Stephen Crowley

Data Support Specialist

Public Awareness

Lori Slice

Public Awareness Manager

Kareem Boykin

Public Awareness Liaison

Creative Team

Kim Brause

Learning Operations Specialist

Virginia Rawson

Content Strategist

Call Center / Special Teams

Amanda Jackson

Customer Relations Manager

Courtney Meyers

Call Center Manager

Rosalind Bovain

Call Center Lead

Candace Matthews

Call Center Lead

Miranda Jones

Learning & Quality Specialist

Kate Mabe

Learning & Quality Specialist

LaDonna Trapp

Operations Support Specialist

Caroline Gibson

Operations Support Specialist

Ruth Mantilla

Operations Support Specialist