1. What mode of receiving locate requests is best? Review the following before choosing which method is best for your company.
    • Email – Email is a good option for anyone that has email access and it is extremely beneficial to persons that can receive email on their cell phone who are out in the field a lot. To avoid problems receiving your locate requests by email add tickets@sc811.com. to your contact List and to your White List/Approved Senders. This is the email address that we will send your locate requests through.
    • FTP SITE – Locate requests can be sent to your company’s FTP site if beneficial to you.
    • CONTRACT LOCATING SERVICE – If you will be contracting a locating service to mark your lines for you, list the name of the company and we will contact them for their ticket delivery information.
    • TEXT MESSAGE – This option was created to notify operators of emergency locate requests while out in the field. We are aware that operators are often busy in the field and do not have time to go into the office several times a day to check their Email for locate requests. Text messages are limited to partial locate information. If you choose to receive text messages, you will be required to choose one of the above options as your normal mode of receiving locates. You can choose to receive emergency locates by text. Normal tickets cannot be sent by text at this time. Text Message tickets will be sent 24 hours/7 days a week. If this becomes a problem, you will need to inform us of the time frame you wish to receive them.
  2. Can I choose more than one method of receiving locates? Yes, you may choose any combination of the modes listed above for receiving locates.
  3. Who should I list as the main company contact? The main person within your company that can answer questions and make decisions that are SC811 related.
  4. Who should I list as the GIS contact? The person that will be in charge of keeping us updated with the location of your underground facilities.
  5. Who should I list as the Locator/Operator contact? The person that will be locating or in charge of the persons locating your underground utilities.
  6. Who should I list as the Positive Response contact? The person that can report as to whether you company has marked the location of your utilities or if there were no lines within the excavation site on a locate request.
  7. Why did we need to list After Hours Emergency contact information? In addition to your normal method of ticket receiving, you will receive a call when there is an emergency excavation reported from 5:30 pm to 7:30 am. List the contact information that you want used in this event.
  8. Your spatial database buffer size? We place the buffer size you choose around the location of your underground utilities. These buffers are put in place to protect your utilities in the event that there are errors in street data, your utility location database and the driving directions given by the excavators.
  9. What are the different methods in which we can submit our database? We no longer accept paper maps but we are accepting Esri Shapefiles. The user will upload/draw their service areas once they have access to Exactix. There’s also mandatory training to be accomplished before their service area registration is approved.
  10. I need additional help completing the member setup form. What should I do? Feel free to contact membership@sc811.com if you have additional questions.