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We want to hear from you! Let us know how we are doing. Click here to Dig or Drag South Carolina 811

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Exactix Now Has Self Registration

New users now have the option to self register. Use the link below to create your account.

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New Feature: SC811 Safety Notifications

Safety Notifications will alert Members when a utility is damaged or if there is a possibility of damage due to fire, controlled burns, or accident via the 911 system.

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SC811 Online Training Overview

New features and courses are coming to the SC811 website. Here's a brief overview of what's new and what's to come in 2021.

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Be a Part of Something Great in 2022

Check out our new Sponsorship page and see what our sponsorship opportunities are at SC811

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We Have Enforcement

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Request a Locate


Are you a property owner planning to tackle a project that involves digging? Whether you’re installing a mailbox or planting a tree, don’t risk damaging buried utilities. Call 811 or click below to submit a locate request to 811.

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Are you a professional excavator? SC811 makes it easy for you to comply with the law, keep people safe, and protect buried utilities. Call 811 or click below to access our online excavator portal and submit a locate request.

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Get Training


Train on the go! SC811 academy is an online course that covers everything from submitting locates to handling emergencies. All in under two hours!


We can customize an in-person training to fit your needs, and we’ll come to you! You can also come to our facility if you prefer.